What lipstick colour/shade would pair well with a brown dress?

I am wearing a brown skater dress to a night out, I am loving wearing lipstick at the moment so wondered if anyone had any suggestions of a good colour or shade which would pair well with the brown dress? Thanks E x

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Depends on how you are doing your other makeup.
If you are doing a dark makeup I would think with lipsitch you should stick to the natural colors of light pinks.
If your doing a very lay low eye makeup I would do a darker shade of lipstick.
Like a deep red or dark red :)

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I would go for something peachy, or nude. But if you're feeling bold, red would go well with a brown dress.

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I preferably go for deep brown lipstick with a hint of orange normally looks good. Shades of pink lipstick are out! :)

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