If I dyed it dark dark brown would it be two different shades?

My hair right now is a burgendy red on top with black on bottom I have green eyes they change colors to blue and grey’s do you think I should dye it all black And if I dyed it dark dark brown would it be two different shades of brown?

Answer #1

it would just go black tint doesn’t lift tint,either go all black or go to a salon and get the ends stripped then a semi permanent colour all over,great for condition,shine and multi tones

Answer #2

Wait..what? If you dyed it all black,Your eyes would definitely stand out in color,but they may also seem darker than they really are. Id go with a different brown color,all one color.

Answer #3

Ahh hmm. Idunno,Call a Salon and see what they think? Id really hafta see your hair to understand what you mean.

Answer #4

Well im saying if I dyed it brown but I dont want to strip the color cause it will damage my hair even more

Answer #5

Well sence my hair has two different colors it will be two different shades of brown

Answer #6

Not if you do it all black. Black will dye ove anything. You can also get Color Stripping kits,which will remove all the color,so then when you dye it,everything will be all evened out.

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