What colour and kind of shoes would look good with a yellow dress?

What colour and kind of shoes would look good with a yellow knee length dress? I’ll also be wearing black tights a black belt and a black cardigan with it. I can never find the right type of shoes :/ Any ideas? (no high heeled shoes please - I’m tall enough and don’t want to be falling over every second lol).

Answer #1

Black Or Bright Red Flats, To Stand Out (:

Answer #2

heels or flats, black always looks great with yellow. most o0ther colours depends more on the shade of yellow. Be careful not to get the bumblebee effect though!!!

Answer #3

I say grey or white or black ballet falts. :)


Answer #4

I agree with julepanicotte but you can also go a green. Make sure it’s not too dark tho. All depends on the shade of yellow.

Answer #5

black flats

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