What color nail polish would look best with a brown dress?

My dress is knee length and right below the bust there are gold and brown flower apliques. My shoes are brown with golden beading and the buckle is gold with tiny stones on them.

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I think you should just use a glossy , transparent top coat. If you use other colours, it'll make you look over the top; in my opinion. Hope this helped. : )

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I'm thinking either...
or..Turquoise. with white tips.

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Tbf ... why a brown dress? :(

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I think since you decided ti wear 2 colours, a lot of brown and a little gold. If you want to add a final touch use gold nail polish.

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Just French, but not too stark. It will look less matchy-matchy than if you go for gold/brown.

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I would say it depends on the occassion. I would wear a light (not too light) pink nail polish with it)

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pink or gold!

= )

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