Why are people racist?

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I think it's the way people are raised. Otherwise, they wouldn't even think of treating a different race badly.

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something to think about- this question has voiced DISLIKE, AND NEGATIVITY towards a group of people (racists) by some of the people that answered it.


combating 'racism' begins in ourselves, because it shows it's self in many forms- and feeds on INTOLERANCE.

Why are people rasict?

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because they all want to feel superior and need to make others feel bad in order to feel better about themselves

How can people be so cruel?
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because they think everyone from a certain race are all the same. you hate one, you hate them all. and that's what's wrong with the world. when we die, we all end up exactly the same. nothing but a sack of bones. we are all the same.

Racist people give me the chills...

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Really, I don't know,
BUT I do know that Racists are
Close-minded, Ignorant, Stupid people
that should get a F_cking life.

Are you racist, why?
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Because their azzholes who just what to feel go about them selfs

Why people are racist

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because they Close-minded, Ignorant, Stupid people

nigeriaboi being racist :(
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kuz they're stupid

Why are so many people violent and racist these days?

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because they are very dumb...

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Some people are "afraid" of what is different than them, therefore they are ignorant. They think that they are better because they are white, black, Asian, religious, non religious...anyone that is different is "under" them. They will never understand that everyone (and every one's beliefs or non beliefs) are equal...people are people, there are non that are better than any others.

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because some members of ALL races behave in a manner that is either inapropriate or illegal. and sometimes behaving in a manner that makes them appear to believe they are superior to someone else, or above the rules of society.

no matter what RACE these people belong to- it casts a negative shadow across that entire race- in some peoples opinion. so it becomes easy to condemn a race because of the actions of a percentage.

if some people gave up illegal and criminal activities - and devoted their lives to creating a POSITIVE impact on the world- I believe that the racists would decline in numbers- simply because they wouldn't have case files and legitimate concerns to back up their beliefs.

now back to reality- as long as people are alive on this planet I think racism (in one form or another) will always exist- it may not focus on color of skin but we will continue to have negative feelings towards people of different RELIGIONS, SEXUAL ORIENTATION, HOBBIES, ETC. - the list could continue on for a long time.

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