What can I do to lettuce to make it taste better when cooking it?

Answer #1

Salt pepper with a light sautée

Answer #2

add buns, paddies, n cheese

Answer #3

Extra virgin olive oil

Answer #4

add lemon juice and garlic and olive oil !!

Answer #5

vinegar or mayo mixed with ketchup or add fruits

Answer #6

I don’t like lettuce, so I substitute it with fresh spinach. It works the same but tastes better.

Answer #7

I just discovered that myself and get spinach instead of lettuce now whenever I go to subway. So much better.

Answer #8

If you like eggs, you can mix it with the lettuce. It’s a good dish if you add spices and also tomatos and onion. It taste great!

Answer #9

I love spinach! I hate lettuce as well :( but it was all I had.

Answer #10

I love fresh spinach. I use it in everythingggg. Maybe you could try vinegar & seasonings with the lettuce ?

Answer #11

Spinach is amazing with everything! Especially cheese :3

Answer #12

Wrap it aroun some brow rice and pico de gayo and squeeze a slice of lime over it and eat it like a burrito. It’s so good and better for you! Food is fun!

Answer #13

What you can also do after you cook it is add dressing.

Answer #14

add salt

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