What is going on with my legs bouncing on its own?

With my feet planted, i raise my heel and let it bounce. My leg basically bounces on its own - but do you know why what is this called.

Answer #1

I think it’s something to do with the nerves. Mine does it too.

Answer #2

It’s a muscle spasm. It happens in legs a lot, mostly from the calf to the thigh areas. It can also happen pretty much anywhere on the body with a lot of muscle.

Answer #3

its kinda like a eye twitch i agree with Emily its something going with ur nerves this might go away on its own but if it doesnt i consider youh going to see a doctor

Answer #4

mine only do it when i sit still for too long.

Answer #5

It happens to everybody and it is just the problem of muscles. But it happens very frequently and you get irritated by that, it is better to consult a doctor as within limit, everything is bad

Answer #6

sounds like it could POSSIBLY be a condition known as restless leg syndrome, which is worse tahn the normal bit of leg movement that most people experience- if i focus on it i can get my leg to start shaking for a while. as stated above- consult your physician to get a better diagnosis of what is- OR IS NOT happening.

Answer #7

You are putting your leg in an awkward - but balanced - position and it will just bounce on its own. No harm in that. If it bothers you (my Mother used to tell me to stop it and I didn’t even realize I was doing it) simply shift your foot either more under your chair or so your heel is on the floor and it will immediately stop.

Answer #8

Might be a twitch, a nerve or something?

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