What do you think about the legal substances that are being sold in gas stations now?

First it was legal weed (which my state has now outlawed), now in every gas station in our area you can buy legal coca!ne. The stuff these legal substances are being made from are more harmful than the real thing…kids would be better off scoring the real stuff from a dealer than doing whats being sold in stores.

Answer #1

Wow r u serious? They don’t have that in Ohio, i don’t agree with them selling them, especially not a gas station

Answer #2

Wait, what? How does this work? I’ve never heard anything about it before now. How is this legal and differing from regular coca!ne?

Answer #3

I don’t know how it works but I’m sure like Mandyloo said they r probably much more dangerous and ur better off with the real stuff

Answer #4

What substances are you referring to exactly?

Answer #5

I don’t get it there different forms of that stuff so is in bags, food, drinks, ect? It wouldn’t make sense if they were just putting the stuff in small baggies but it would make more sense if it was sold in a drink of some sort we have that over here.

Answer #6

Its sold in small bags and is kept behind the counters. The type of legal coca!ne we have around here is called “Cloud Nine”. Its sold in the same types of bags the legal weed (salvia) was being sold in, and you have to be 18 to purchase it. I dont know the exact ingredients, but you can find information online about i.

Answer #7

your president really is ghey isnt he.

why would anyone, anywhere in teh world allow that to happen..

[american accent]

hey bob, fancy a can of coke?

no mannnn i fancy coke.

thats what i asked you mannnn..

no mannn i want the stuff you chase.

ok lets go the shell garage…. mannnnnn.

bob and his mate are only 15.

thats wrong, yuo dont do that.

im finding that so hard to belive but only because its hard to belive :O

Answer #8

That’s crazy…. Is it being sold generally around ghetto like areas? Or just anywhere?

Answer #9

Cloud 9 as in the bath salt?

Answer #10

I know at some has stations around here they sell crack pipes hidden behind the counter. They put a flower in them and try to sell them as something legal it is ridiculous.

Answer #11

I don’t mind it.

Answer #12

That’s Whack,, Who Knows What Kinds Of Chemicals Is In That Stuff.. That Drug Is Way Addictive I See Lawsuits Coming

Answer #13

or the song by evanesence o_o

Answer #14

Everything is legal for a time before it becomes illegal. Regardless of where you live.

Answer #15

All I think is that this is just another way to ruin young people more and more. Worst part is, is that all we can do is sit and watch.

Answer #16

Sigh. You cannot possibly be an adult. ‘your president really is ghey isnt he.’ Really? Oh and Salvia is legal in the UK, as is cloud 9. Perhaps you need to get on your prime minister first?

http://funadvice.com/r/14nkt2l2lbv http://funadvice.com/r/14nkt2l2t5k

Answer #17

Ghey is a slang word Ty and he’s in a different country than us so he can’t know that off the top of his head

Answer #18

Oh wait I apologize I thought you said US I apologize

Answer #19

salvia isnt the same as legal w33d cause it just makes you hallucinate and stuff, but spice and k2 have similar effects as w33d but they are legal because they say its incense and your not supposed to smoke it.

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