left handedness

I’ve always wondered how rare it is to be left handed cus im left handed and most people in this world are right handed soo who here is left handed??

Answer #1

I am a right handed person but I have heard that left handers are very lucky

Answer #2

I only write with my left. Everything else I do with both hands.

Answer #3

Well, considering that 90-93 percent of the adult population is right handed, I’d say it’s pretty rare. I’m the only lefty in my family for a few generations.

Answer #4


Answer #5

I am, and so are most of the people in my family :-). strange I know.

Answer #6

left handed! right here! all the way!!

Answer #7

im right handed. I hear left handed people are creative o0

Answer #8

hey, im left handed. but I do most activities with my right hand. xoxoTina

Answer #9

I write and shoot pool southpaw, but I am right eyed! I throw and shoot rifle on the right.

Answer #10

I’m ambidextrous

Answer #11

I’m both left and right handed. I only write with my right hand, and basically everything else with my left hand!

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