Is it really a big deal to be left handed?

I was studying at this girls house, I liek her a lot by the way and probably going to go out soon, but when I started writting she noticed I was left handed and started with a spaz attack. she kept saying its so cool and I dont even know how awsome it is…she called her friends and they were like NO WAY… I dont get it am I missing something here is it some girl thing I dont understand or what here lol

Answer #1

Whoa, thats a bit strange. She must lead a very… um… exiting life! There is no big deal to be left handed… it’s rarer than being right handed, sure… but there shouldn’t be any reason to get that exited about it. I admit, it is a very strange situation… Britz

Answer #2

Well,the most brilliant minds were left-handed…

Answer #3

Thats really funny.

Answer #4

lmao that’s really gay haha

Answer #5

thats weird!

Answer #6

Wow… she’s… very easily amused…

Answer #7

She was probably trying to flirt with you.

Answer #8

Sounds like it’s something just between them - maybe they read a chart ‘you will meet a tall, dark, ‘left-handed’ stranger - ask her…Good luck !!

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