Which is better, the left or right side of your brain?

Which is better, the left or right side of your brain? Why I can’t use both? Because of educational system?

Need a long explaination for this :D

Answer #1

Actually, you use both sides of your brain all the time. There is creativity in even the most repetitive activity and there is organization in even the most creative.

Answer #2

Both…and you DO use both…altho, one side is usually more developed than the other in individual people…analytical problems, math, science, engineering, (basically unemotional thinking), takes place on the left side. Art, vocabulary, kindness, (the emotional part of our psyche) happens on the right side.

An artist, or fictional writer would predominately be using the right side; while an engineer, mathematician, or scientist would predominately using the left side.


Answer #3


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