What's your least favorite food?

hey, I really want to know other peep’s food that they just hate!

I dont really have one, but I’m not a big fan of raisins. EWW! so, post your least fav food here! :)

Answer #1

Lima beans, beets, and olives. Yuck!

Answer #2

liver = gross. totally, right?

I don’t know what chitterlings are, but it sure sounds… different!

ugh, fatty sausage! I LOVE it! NOT! joke! It grosses me out… a lot! xD Well, buh-bye! :)

Answer #3

I like steak! no, I don’t like that pink stuff either. I don’t like rare. I get well done or whatever doesn’t have blood in it, and if it’s dry, I’ll just put some steak sauce and YUM!

delicious! :) oh yeah, I’m also replying to ash23

Answer #4

ewww I hate meatloaf too! I don’t know if I’ve eaten beetroot, but hey, it sounds gross. I’m NOT trying that! :) I also hate pumpkin but I like cheese. especially cheddar! YUM! ;)

Answer #5

brnw, you’re a vegegetarian, right? I have no prob with that! :)

although I have a thing for steak and chicken and pork chops and… sorry, probably grossing you out! ;)

Answer #6

I hate anything greasy, peanuts and I also hate cauliflower.

Greasy foods sometimes taste good, but it makes me feel both fat, and sick. And cauliflower and peanuts just taste bad to me.

Answer #7

hey you know what 3r1k4? I hate onions too!! The ONLY exception I have with onion rings are the stuff around the onion rings! NOT the onion inside! :) Oh, and I like cheesy garlic bread! ;)

Answer #8

Beetroot (again)! But it’s not quite so bad if it’s not cooked in vinegar…

Answer #9

I actually like tuna kinda, actually I don’t know, but I do hate peppers!

Answer #10


Answer #11

eewww beetroot. the sound of it makes me puke. oh, And I like brocoli not raw but cooked and in a sauce my mom makes with carrots. YUM!!!

Answer #12

EWWW!!! Beets are sick. So is brocoli and couliflower. Lol… Ew…

Answer #13

My least favorite food would probably be shrimp. I don’t know why it just grosses me out.

Answer #14

Meatloaf, potato salad, macaroni salad IF THEY ARE MADE by people I don’t know. lol

Answer #15

No it’s OK :)

Answer #16

ohhh my bad! :) I tought you meant you didn’t eat any meat at all!

sorry for mistaking!

Answer #17

I don’t like meat.

Answer #18

I hate cheese but like all the other dairy products also I hate pumpkin!

Answer #19

Peppers, ewww !

Answer #20

I hate all types of meat. all junk/fast fod. like pizza chips burgers and bread

Answer #21

mashed potato. Sausages. beef burgers. macaroni cheese. chick peas. urgh urgh urgh

Answer #22

probably beans..UGH I HATE THE STUFF…I just mean eating beans plain with nothing to go with em…I like bean burritos tho :)

Answer #23

Onion rings and anything that deals with onions and garlic

Answer #24

TUNA EWWW IT’s like cat food

Answer #25

Liver.Yuck! Chitterlings. Disgusting! Very fatty sausage. Barf!

Am I making you nauseaous? Because I am. I’m done on this topic.xP

Answer #26

Steak- When its all pink in the inside still- It makes me sick to my stomach when someone eats it medium rare… :(

Answer #27

No I am not vegetarian, I eat chicken but I don’t eat cow or goat meat, that what I mean.

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