What's your favorite and least favorite Halloween candy?

What is your favorite Halloween candy? Which candy do you hate to get? Why?

Answer #1

Reese’s is the best. Smarties by far the worst. They were not even worth the walk to the door. Candy corn is close second for sucking.

Answer #2

I love candy corn…Nerds or anything like that is just not amusing…

Answer #3

my favorite halloween candy is gummies! i hate 2 get jelly beans those things r soooo gross and who even likes them?

Answer #4

well..my fave candy is starburst but… for halloween I cant decide between reese’s and those lil skittle packs lol

my least fave is…tootsie rolls cause you always get them…it gets annoying lol

Answer #5

Anything chocolate. I don’t like the sugar straws.

Answer #6

Candycorn PUMPKINS!

Answer #7

I LOVE FUZZY PEACHES, I hate getting candy sticks… I don’t know i just hate them

Answer #8

Any sort of chocolate!

Answer #9

I love getting gummies(: and I love chocolate :D but I haaatee candy corn. its soo nasty blehh. but thats my opinion

Answer #10

Mr.GoodBars and I hate tootsie rolls or hard candy.

Answer #11

I hate TWIX those things are so disgusting!!! My favorite candy is 3 MUSKITEERS!! THERE AWESOME, DUDE!!!

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