What are your favorite foods?

What are your favorite foods???

Answer #1

chips! ;) hehe and fry up foods, sweets yummy

Answer #2

Spaghetti Lasagna Fett. Alfredo Steak / Ribs

YUM !!

Answer #3

Oranges :) Yumminess.

Answer #4

Anything Itallian -garlic bread -sugar cookies -Nerds -Ribs -PB&J

  • and Grilled Cheese!
Answer #5

Almost any Mexican food. mashed potatoes rice and mac and cheese! =P.:.

Answer #6

my favourite food is chicken cow mein my dads style lol

Answer #7

Hot Wings

Answer #8

-Enchilada -Crawfish Etoufee -Seafood Gumbo -Hot Tamales -Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes -Fried Shrimp

Answer #9

steak and hot wings

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