Who knows what the laws are regarding employment for pregnant women?

My friend is pregnant and the place I work for is trying to switch her from salary to non-salary work. She thinks they are going to try to cut her hours. Is that legal?

Answer #1

Umm….pretty sure no, it is not legal. The ONLY things I know of they can restrict would be, over-working her, having her climb on things or reach too far, and lifting things. As far as I know anyway. That’s all my job(s) would limit while I was preggo. That, and they allowed me to sit more often than non preggo girls lol.

Answer #2

no its not legal unless she is not doing her job well. if she is doing great with her job, and they are doing that solely because she is pregnant she can sue the company for unequal rights and something else. i learned about that 2 years ago in a business class.

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