When applying for a job, do you feel its neccasary to tell the employer that you are pregnant?

Im thinking about getting a part time job because sitting around the house is driving me crazy, is it important to tell them im pregnant during the interview though?

Answer #1

It’s not a requirement and disclosing that could cost you the possibility of a job. Obviously, you’ll eventually have to tell them, but it’s not their concern right now.

Answer #2

I’ve been out of the States too long to know if this could affect one’s prospects for getting hired, but I think it’s a good idea. For your own health and safety if something were to happen on the job, as well as to let your employer plan for maternity leave.

Answer #3

Not for a part time job in my opinion. I agree with what Colleen said.

Answer #4

Only if the job requires a long-term commitment. If you do mention it you’ll want to give them an idea of when you’ll stop working and whether you plan to return after the baby.

Answer #5

No its a personal thing..I dont think you should tell them yet until something comes up or as your pregnancy gets closer!

Answer #6

If the interview goes well, at the very end as you are walking out, turn around and say; “oh ya, by the way, I’m Preggers!” and then say; “See ya tomorrow 8 am!”. lol

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