Do guys like big (vaginal) lips??

do guys like it when girls have big lips down below(vagina) if not what should I do??

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personally ii liike vigina, weather tha lipsz are biig or small

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I love to suck on big lips it drives me crazy

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Not at all. But chances are they are not so big, maybe you're just imagining it. Have a good friend check it out for you

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What is it that us men going to compair the lips too..I want to know if there is an other person looking out from the vagina...Nevgreco

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I love big vigina as natural likeness.

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I have rather large ones too, and I am rally self concious about them, that's why I won't have sex or anything, but I am starting to get used to them, I see now how many people like them, any help to build self esteem.

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what the hell is wrong with all of you

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I love a large labia and there are millions like me!! Check out
and you will see that you should not be worried or ashamed, but proud and sexy!!! Excellent article reiterating common knowledge assembled quite eloquently despite the articles length and authors personal comments: for a history of why society is currently shunning large labia in North America.

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OH MY GOD, YES!!! Sorry, like so many guys, large female genitalia is a personal fetish...
I suspect guys who don't think about it probably don't care one way or another. May you be so fortunate as to find a guy who apprieciates your birthright.

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it depends on the quy ...

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dont worry
its likley that your arnt as big as you think they are
there supposed to hang down as well
and usually girls will have one lip thats bigger than the other
a guy generally wont care,
because they too should know that every girls vagina is different
its also easy for guys to spread them apart
no matter how big or small they are
usually the guys wont care anyway because there just happy to be getting some (sex)
and you really do need to learn about sex (as I've said before)
before you go off having it

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Well as a guy, I agree with jazlovestoskate's answer. I prefer neither large, nor small lips in that region. Even if a girl did had larger or smaller lips, you wouldn't find me complaining because (and this was outlined in the answer above), all girls are going to be different (physically) in that region.

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me i don't want.

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