What do men think 'bout large clitoris?

My vagina lips are so huge, they bother me... have only been wit my boyfriend and of course he loves them but thats because he loves me... Im just curious to what men think bout women havin large clits do they think its disgusting, do they prefer vaginas like major porn flicks where its so clean and no lips watsoever... and oh my also recently I've been like squirtin emberassin status like when he pulls out I cum like a man >: men advice please and thanks for your blunt truth!

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first off your clitoris and your vaginal lips are two completely different things
and its normal for the lips to protrude from your vagina
the girls in porn magazines have either tucked there lips isnide there vaginas or have had labioplasty (plastic surgery to make there labia aka vaginal lips smaller)
its also very normal for one lip to be bigger thean the other, as nothing on the body is exactly symetrical
as as for "'cumming"' its either you squirting or you just get really wet durng sex

I also dont know why you asked for men to give advice since most males dont know anything about the female anatomy or how it works

and most males wont care about what your vagina looks like, there usually just happy to be looking at it in the first place

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ok 2b honest... big flapps arent a problem..

a big clit can look like a small dick if you want the truth but once again it wouldnt bother me...

christy canyon has the perfect designer vagina.. shes had surgery to make her lips smaller and yes its looks nice but even if she still had her natural pussy lips it wouldnt bother me...

jazlovestoskate is right... most men dont care as long as its clean and fresh and doesnt smell like summet nasty before their even slighty turned on its fine

and female ejaculation is wicked so dont worry bout that... ;)

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To be honest men might think that she has already a lot experienced in terms of SEX.

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Learn to fuck him in the mouth and teach him to love it. Sit on his chest and ride his lips with your big clit until you cum in his mouth. In the 69, fuck him gently taking care not to suffocate him but get wild at the cum and let all go until you have totally cooled off. After you are finished with him, let him fuck you like a stallion. He might even give you intermittent blow jobs. The feel of a big stiff clit in a guys lips and mouth is simply irresistible.

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