What's wrong with my mac, it won't turn back on?

When I close my mac it turns off completely. It also won’t turn back on, I have to take the power cord out, take the battery out, then hold the power button for a couple seconds, put the battery back in and then it will turn on. It didn’t use to turn off when I close it. What can I do to fix this. I don’t want to do this all the time I close my laptop.

Answer #1

Maybe there are something wrong with your mainboard.Reinstall the system to sure that software is all right,and trouble in hardware.If it’s true, take it to mac service station and make they look at it.

Answer #2

it’s already set up to do that.

Answer #3

theres your problem right there lol. macintrash lol but yeah hes probably right

Answer #4

You have it setup just to go into standby mode when you close the laptop? Not shutdown or hibernate or something like that??

Also does it do it right away, or if you leave it closed and on for a bit??

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