How can i make my knee feel better?

It hurts really bad and its really soreeeee! :(

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some ice would be good, wrap it up with cloth and put it one your knee
take it off every 30-50 seconds and apply again

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move the patela inwards towards your other knee. To do this sit on the edge of your seat and straighten the leg that hurts then put the palm on the knee cap and move it inwards

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If it is a new ( recent ) injury, then apply a cold compress (ice or a cool pack work). If it is an old injury, then apply heat ( a heat pack or a hot patch ). You could always try a knee support

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ANSWER #4 of 7 uhm...counterproductive :3

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Knees are very vulnerable to various kinds of injury, some of which can be healed by rest, heat/cold, and physical therapy, but others need surgical intervention or they will just degenerate over time. You should have it examined for a diagnosis by a medical professional.

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what happened to it. graze, cut, bruise, or sprain xxx?

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Idk probably bruised

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