How can I make my feelings better?

sometimes I think back on all my good times and memories, especially my early school years grades 6-9, and I really feel sad for some reason. What going on and how can I make it better.

Please help me

Answer #1

I do this very often. I think about how I’m getting older, and how I’ll look back on everything in my life. I’ll never get a single day back, and when I’m too old, I’ll never be able to do the things I would if I was younger, or the things I wish I would’ve done if I haven’t.. it’s sad to me. :( and life still goes on.. we both have to find a way to deal with it. hopefully, we can.

Answer #2

It’s in the past so dwelling on it won’t do any good. Just focus on what’s happening now & have fun.

Answer #3

You’re feeling sad about it because you see missed opportunities to say things as well as do certain things. Best to do what you can to stop thinking about it.

Answer #4

stop thinking about it ad watch tv or sumthing..who knows?

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