What kind of shoes should I get for school (description)?

I’ve been wearing the “skater shoes” or whatever they’re called and they make my ankle or something bleed every time I walk for long, sometimes short, periods of time, I always walk around at school even run in gym so which shoes would be good for me, besides skater styles? pictures would be good so I know exactly what kind or what ways can I stop the skater shoes from making me bleed? besides wearing high socks and band aids.

Answer #1

vans, comfty flats???

Answer #2

vans are like skater shoes I can’t get those and I can’t only wear flats lol

Answer #3

sorry i couldn’t help…but i dont really know

Answer #4

it’s okay! thanks anyways:)

Answer #5

ballerina flats is a popular, school appropriate shoes and flats in soft brown, and tan would look great with the summer look

Answer #6

a pair of moccasins or boat shoes..

Answer #7

Oops, I did’t read the rest of your question. Flats are good for school, and a bit of running; but not for gym. You can switch to sneakers or running shoes during your gym class :) or where them on days when you have them.

Answer #8

toms, vans, sanuks.♥

Answer #9

maybe look into flat leather or plether boots. they can be casual or dressy and look nice with skirts shorts and jeans :)

Answer #10

get some J’s

Answer #11

suede boots! theyre the cutest and very comfy

Answer #12


Answer #13

A Awesome pair of snaekers, they have to different or werid! - You were those when you want to stand out A Good Pair of flats, Make sure their a solid color because they will be easier to match with outfits - You can wear flats with almost any outfit plus their not hard on your feet Rainboots, belive it or not your gonna need them(I know I did) - For Rainy days & also so you don’t mess up your pants Boots,any kind of boots! snowboots, knee-high boots, heel boots(I wouldn’t wear them personaly b/c I have a fear of falling) And that’s all I can thing of, I was gonnna say sandles but the summer is almost over so yea.. :] Hoped this helped

Answer #14


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