What kind of new shoes to get?

I need new shoes and I don’t know what style to get. I usually get skate shoes which are comfy but not very classy. a lot of girls wear those slipper like ones but those always fall off my feet. I could never function in high heels…

I need something cute and easy. guys, what do you think of girls shoes? girls, what are your recommendations?

Answer #1

Airwalks are extremly confurtable, but only for about 2 days before you wear-out the foam, but they look rele nice

Answer #2

go for black and white converse. those are classic. their cute and comfortable, plus you can keep the skater look without having to wear bulky board shoes

Answer #3

ONLY GOT A ONE WORD FOR YOU AND ITS FLATS get flats they are so KEWL unless if your in like a winter weather and get like cute hearts on them like be creative with the colors!!!

Answer #4

you should get rocket dogs!!! there the best ever !!!

Answer #5

A cute Mary Jane with a strap to keep the shoe on comes in many sole thicknesses heel heights and styles from classic to funky.

Answer #6

Check out Born shoes. They are very chic and it feels like you are walking on marshmellows (less sticky).

Answer #7

I would try flat stlyed stilletos. The pointed toe makes them classy and the flat heel makes them comfy and easy to walk around in. I have them in black leather from Sheik, and shoes always fall off my feet also because my feet and heels are so thin, but these work out very weel for me. I hope this helped. :)

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