What kind of makeup would look nice for school?

I just need new looks . I usually just put mascara, eyeliner, and blush. Sometimes I just go all natural nd some days I do cat eye. But I want something new. Any ideas?

Answer #1

For School? Nothing extravagant. Just something that will make you look natural.

Answer #2

Colorful eyeshadow & glittttter.♥ Look up tutorials on youtube~

Answer #3

Nothing bright/stands out cause it often looks stupid. I can’t explain anything on here but you can go on YouTube & look up simple school makeup tutorials.

Answer #4

Neutral colors, keeping it simple. Eyeliner mascara and some foundation, light eyeshadow :)

Answer #5

Lip gloss and blush on are nice.

Answer #6

brown smokey eye. its not too flashy so you can wear it to school. and try playing arouns with lip colors, and glosses. but remember you have to choose either your lips or your eyes to be the main focus. not both.

Answer #7

Try to resist using foundation (It clogs your pores, and takes away your natural shine) I would just do a simple black eye liner like in the picture with or without some eye shadow, depending how you feel.

Answer #8

Here’s a Hello Kitty make up tutorial video just for you —> http://funadvice.com/r/15lhd7745e8 Something different and cute!

Answer #9

try doing brighter colors for your specific eye color, and mabye try doing smokey eyes and playing with the eye liner, and mabye instead of using blush use a bronzer, orr mabye try filling in your eye brows, or using a lip-stain or lip stick instead of a lip gloss. haha i just listed a buncha new thing you could change/add! hope i helped:P & i do recomend looking up tutorial for eyes on youtube, always helps me(:

Answer #10

I think use natural things not products because you are in school it harmful for your skin

Answer #11

Natural Colors !

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