What Would Be The Best Makeup To With This Outfit?

Hi people. So I Am 13 years old. On saturday I bought this relli relli relli relli relli cute skirt and top. The skirt is like a grey-base colour and the top is just a plain base colour almost a dark cream. They both go relli relli relli nice together!. But I have a problem I dont know (I don’t know) what makeup would go nice with this. Like I live in spain but I am english so I have a pretti gd tan so like NO bronzers but I mean like what kind of eyeshadow would look nice?. INFO- I HAVE BLUE EYES AND SMALL LIPS. I dont think that like bright pink eyeshadow is going to go well with this look…?. So I relli need help. I need 2 know by this coming thursday(1st april).? please help thx emma x

Answer #1

I definetly agree with the above advice, brown and gold eyeshadow will look amazing with your blue eyes, and go with the outfit perfectly..then maybe a soft pink lip…have a fun time love!

Answer #2

youu cant go wrong with neautral eyeshadow, and suddle peachy lipgloss. Do like brown eyeshadow (itll look goodwith the outfit, and compliment your eyes) and the peach lipgloss is suddle enough but will balance it all out.

(tip: do your eyeshadow to match your eyes, not your outfit)

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