What kind of hairstyle do you think would look good? Picture incld.

Hey so yeah. This is the most recent picture I have of myself. and I’m trying to think of something to do with my hair for school. Anyone wanna send me some pictures and help me out? I would really appreicate it. please nothing negative. I have a low self esteem as it is

thankss in advanceddd(:

p.s. something with a side bang would be nice

Answer #1

hmmm I think you should cut it abut shoulder length and have aloott of lairs to make it all choppy and scene kinda but not in a emo way lol, more like in a model way and I think a choppy side bang would be good too it would be like a frame for your face; good luck (:

Answer #2

I dont wanna dye my hair and I think I accidently took my picture off. here it is ahain ahaha (:

heres the link:


Answer #3

im not sure but I thnk ud look cute with a choppy bang style with like your hair down and headbands on and stuff it will really look cute on you!! hah or if you dont wanna cut your bangs then juss do your hair in high ponytail to the side or a lucky girl and take some of your hair put it across urface like a bang but heavy chunks! you know> or split it in the middle I don’t know. well you l;ook pretty =]

Answer #4

try 2 have some curls or color your hair bt if you dont want its your choice. by the way you look cute by your face.

any other ques. if you have ,ask me and I will b helping u!!!

Answer #5

I love your hair color! I’ve been trying to get mine that way for like ever lol. Maybe you should try getting bangs but not the ugly bangs (lol not much help huh?) But DO NOT dye your hair completely! :)

Answer #6

Awh thanks everyone, and thanks for not being negative<3

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