Why are kids saying 1o dollars a week to to much for allowence?

How much do you guys get??

Answer #1

10 Isn’t too much, they should be thankful they get anything. I stopped getting allowance when I moved back in with my mom, my dad is the only person to ever give me any, I loved it cause I used to always spend it on Kit Kat’s.

Answer #2

That sounds like a reasonable amount to me, as long as your actually doing chores and helping around the house to earn your allowance. Parents who dont make their children earn their allowance are missing out on giving them vital life lessons.

Answer #3

I get 20

Answer #4

I used to get $5 a week, and that was generous 25 years ago….I think $10 is fair.

Answer #5

i never got a allowence XD

Answer #6

I don’t get allowance. I keep the house clean, always. Including dishes, scrubbing the shower, and all that good stuff, but I do it out of respect, not because i’m expecting to get something out of it. I don’t have to clean or do anything I dont want to do, but I do it. $10 would be nice. :) Not at all too much.

Answer #7

I never got an allowance. Just had to do the chores if I wanted dinner :P.

Answer #8

I got allowance that matched my age until I hit highschool. Then I got 20 a week until I turned 18. I do the same for my kids. But the oldest has chores he must do every day to get allowance.

Answer #9

i think anything is fair. i’ve never gotten an allowance before.

Answer #10

i think anything is fair. i’ve never gotten an allowance before.

Answer #11

I think that $10 is pretty awesome. If you save it up, at some point you’ll be able to buy something good with it. :)

As for how much I got, I never had an allowance. The way my parents worked is that if I wanted something, I had to work for the money myself. I started babysitting at a young age, so I always bought what I wanted myself. My parents gave the occasional $5-$10 if it was needed, but it wasn’t a regular thing at all. They never really had the money to spare.

Answer #12

i never had an allowance

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