Is Jersey Shore overrated?

If so, What is the best reality show on air to date?

Answer #1

For me, Jersey shore is the sort of thing I’d watch when there’s nothing else on just for a laugh. I think it’s become a trend with everyone watching it. Kids, teens, and young adults these days are just obsessed with reality based things, and a program about reality sex and fashion, with partying, sunsets, and some mildly nude scenes mixed with coarse language is the perfect money maker.

Answer #2

I dont like jersey shore that show is crazy! I think the best reality show on rite now i think is american idol, thats a reality show rite? lol

Answer #3

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention… And DRAMA.

Answer #4

I’m into the whole ‘’Teen Mom/16 And Pregnant’’ show(s). I also love the A&E shows like The First 48, Intervention, Beyond Scared Straight, etc.

Answer #5

No. Jersey Shore is amazing<3

Answer #6

I’ll probably get a lot of haters for this. We’ll have to agree to disagree on “Jersey Shore.” First off: it’s not reality, It’s a bunch of self important & centered, vain, usually egotistical people, Who are willing to forego shame for fame. Second: the reality situations are unreal Or just well scripted. On what planet do you put a bunch of 20somethings in a fancy beach house and give them millions to run around 98% of the time in a drunken state… Third: It’s lazy, it lacks creativity. Think about it….they could pay writers to script an intelligent well thought out show, or they could just put a bunch of losers in a room together and see what happens. It costs 1/10th as much and the TV/ Reality show writes itself. I want to see in the next 24 hours just what is the best “Reality Show,” on the air to date. & right now, I am going to have to agree with Kane. “American Idol Is clean, creative, family oriented & fun to watch, well thought out.. Well worth the votes

Answer #7

Agree! i think jersey shore is scripted too there all fake! lol Yea American idol rules! haha

Answer #8

I would say so, but I haven’t seen it so I guess I shouldn’t be the one to talk ;)

Answer #9

bi jersey shore is amazinnnqqq (:

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