What is it about Jersey Shore that is so appealing to young female teens?

If you’re older than 17, go ahead and tell me why you think it’s a good show too, I’m pretty curious here.

Answer #1

Is it just the half naked buff guys? Is that it?

Answer #2

Yeah, I believe so. They try to relate their real life problems with drama in a show, I guess.

Answer #3

Drama. That’s the main attraction to these shows. Basically Jersey Shore consists of drinking, sex and fighting. Appealing to young teens for some reason.

Answer #4

Yeah, I think you’re right.

Answer #5


Answer #6

fail! a guido!

Answer #7


Answer #8

If that means the same thing I think it means, then I don’t really see how that’s a reputable reason for someone to enjoy Jersey Shore, it’s more like a statement.

Answer #9

I dont know probably the drama but personally i think its the most time wasting show there is and its really tacky

Answer #10

I agree, maybe not the MOST time wasting show, but definitely on the top 10 list.

Answer #11

lmao the real world is pretty up there too

Answer #12

what does dtf even mean ? lol

Answer #13

Down To F*ck.. lame.

Answer #14

ive never even heard that before lol

Answer #15

One thing I know is that Jersey Shore is NOT appealing to most of us above 18 lol. It sure isn’t to me. I can’t really get my head around why something like that is entertaining. There literally isn’t anything particularly enjoyable about it, to me.

Only thing I could guess is people at that younger age see it as cool. It kind of looks like a free life.. No responsibilities, just partying and acting crazy. xD Not sure, though.

Answer #16

haha, definitely. So is “date my mom” and “the hills”.

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