How do feel about Jersey Shore?

There’s a lot contreversy about this show and how its disrespectful. I honestly think its just another mtv series that’s just here to get views and I like it, but what do you think about it, and is it disrespectful to you?

Answer #1

I think its awesome. I like it. but many people may not. but who cares what people that dont like it say. I think its a good show. and also a show to watch. haha. a series of it, now I watch it everytime it comes on (:

Answer #2

Personally,I love MTV and it’s reality shows,but Jersey Shore is kind of dumb to me. It’s like all the other reality shows: love,sex,cheating,clubbing,and drama…I don’t find it disrespectful but Nikki aka Snooki has a turtle mouth and I hate her over all. If you find the show disrespectful to your heritage,your interest,or you completley I reccomend you not to watch it.

Answer #3

i am from jersey and i cant stand the show. a lot of my friends love it. i cant go out of state and say “im from jersey” without someone randomly fistpuming and saying something along the lines of “like from the jersey shore?!” yeah im from the coastal area of jersey but i am not at all like the people on the “Jersey Shore” on MTV. if you took one look at me or took two seconds to know me you would know the only way i am like them is that im kinda short. i think it shows the jersey shore to be really trashy, but i know i am not them so i its not disrepectful to me. MTV is just showing what people will watch, its a popular show so apparently MTV is doing something right. it can stay on tv, it really is a nonissue because if you dont like it, do what i do and dont watch it. this is just my opinion

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