Why in one jail do some dudes get to wear orange and others wear brown or blue?

Answer #1

The following, which details some of the variations within the Tampa Bay area, [ Note the first 3 lines detailing the three colours that you mention ]:

“… Federal prisoners: Tan button-up shirts; tan pants. Florida state prisoners: Blue v-neck shirts; blue pants. Florida death row prisoners: Orange v-neck shirts; orange pants. Pinellas County prisoners: Orange, green, blue or gray v-neck shirts and pants. Pinellas prisoners working outside jail: Orange v-neck shirts; orange pants. Pasco County prisoners: Orange, blue, red or white v-neck shirts and pants. Pasco prisoners working outside jail: Black and white striped shirts and pants. Hillsborough County prisoners: Orange v-neck shirts; orange pants. Hillsborough prisoners working outside jail: Orange and blue two-tone (not striped) shirts and pants. Hernando County prisoners: Khaki v-neck shirts; khaki pants. Hernando prisoners working outside jail: Red T-shirts; brown work pants. Citrus County prisoners, male: Orange v-neck shirts; orange pants. Citrus County prisoners, female: Red v-neck shirts; red pants. Citrus prisoners working outside jail: Blue v-neck shirts; blue pants. …”

is quoted from http://funadvice.com/r/14oqfppev3i

Hope you are not planning your wardrobe for a prolonged stay !

– Best wishes - Majikthise

Answer #2

I’d like to point two things out: “…GET TO wear orange…” “Florida death row prisoners: Orange…”

Answer #3

You obviously mean something different by “GET TO “ than I do, because what you say points nothing out to me.

I would have understood exactly what you meant if you had asked “How did Holly Wood get to be executed last September ? “, and I certainly would not have thought you meant that he chose to be executed or anything like that.

Sorry if my answer was not precise enough for your pernickety interpretation of the English language.

Answer #4

No, no, of course not. I just thought it sort of funny the way the question was posed and the way that part of the answer panned out. “Get to” sounds like it’s a privilege, but it turned out to be the most severe punishment of them all. I’m sorry if I seemed pernickety.

Answer #5

Then likewise, please accept my apologies for misinterpreting your response.

I must say I would not have thought a different colour prison uniform, or the ability to chose a colour was going to be understood to be a privilege, though I am looking it from a man’s point of view, and I guess choice of colour is a bit more important to a woman than to (me at least as) a man.

Answer #6

orange is a catchy color just in case they escape? Some are strips too.

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