Can i get a restraining order at only 15, or is there a certain age i have to be to get one?

if i can get one, can i get one by myself or does a parent have to be with me, because i dont want to tell my mom im getting one because then she will get all worried and make it into a big deal,but if i get one on my owne she wont have to know anything

Answer #1

I’m sorry you are feeling the need to get a restraiing order, thats horrible! I’m not 100% sure, but I think you’d need your parents to go with you as you are a minor.

Answer #2

its kool im not even sure if it really is a big deal or if im just being overly dramatic but thanx for the answer

Answer #3

I think that you can and sometimes you do have to have your perents with you just because you are underage and all that. But again I don’t really know. :)

Answer #4

Your parents need to get it. And listen, you are not being overly dramatic. I’m a huge believer in listening to your instincts. I know of girls who’ve been beaten and killed by ex-boyfriends or guys who wouldnt leave them alone. If you’re not feeling safe, tell your mother. She would rather be worried than have to deal with a hurt or dead child.

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Answer #6

Your parents will have to either get it for you, or be with you the entire time you are getting it…not sure which one, but I highly doubt you can get one by yourself as a minor. Also, it depends on what the restraining order is for, like what the person did.

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