One blue eye and one brown

I know a guy who has one blue eye and one brown. I know this can be caused by injury, but this guy says he was born with it. Why does this happen?

Answer #1

I was told in Biology that it can result from an alteration to one of the genes controlling eye colour. It can be inherited, through injury or medical syndromes.

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Answer #3

it certainly does happen theres even a celebrity with blue euyes and one of them is almost all brown also one on my freinds had a blure eye and a green eye its not common but there are people with two different coloured eyes and yes, genetics is the cause but I’ve never known anyone who had it from an injury unless your talking about someone having to get a new retna (from a donor) so they can see

Answer #4

I would think that its a mutation or somen like that…

Answer #5

its a mistake in the DNA that causes this, kinda like Albinos.

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