Is it normal for tampons to hurt when sitting down?

ok,I just turned 13,& I just strted using tampons. when I 1st put it n,it hurt,but I expected that. but when I sat down,it nearly killed me! my momma said to push it up farther,so I did. but when I sat down,it still kinda,hurt,like a dull ache. is that normal? should I go 2 a doc?? plzz help me!!

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you shudnt b able to feel it wen uv put it in and if u can thn u need 2 push it in further next time

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try putting a new one in. squat down some when you put it in, it should go in better and then be more comfortable. if you put it in correctly you shouldnt be able to really feel it at all.

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You might be using a tampon that's too big. I doubt that's the problem, but try using a smaller tampon, maybe try one with a plastic applicator, so it's easier for it to get where it needs to be.

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If you can feel it, it is not in right. Sometimes it takes a while to really get the hang of using tampons.

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I would make sure that you are inserting the tampon far enough up & that it is the right size, if it isn't just get a smaller size or switch to just wearing pads

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You haven't inserted it far enough or you need to try a smaller size.

Try putting some Vaseline on the end of it, once it's in you shouldn't be able to feel it, don't be afraid to push it in a bit further, it won't get lost and you just need to wash your hands after.

If you find you can't wear them yet, then use pads.But tampons are so much more discreet, but make sure you change them every 3/4 hours and wash your hands before and after.

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I had the same problem when i was your age. Make sure you are pushing it up far enough.. or it will hurt you.

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It might not be in far enough. You shouldn't be able to see the padding part at all; only the string.

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No but I suggest taking the old one out and starting out with a fresh one.
You haven't inserted the tampon in all the way.

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