Why does my back hurt if I sit up straight?

Lol, who woulda thought. Isn’t sitting up straight supposed to be good for you? So, do you think it’s because my back muscles are not used to it or something? Ahh =( it hurts! It feels like when you use your muscles without giving it a break… like that acid stuff you get in your muscles…owwwwww

Answer #1

I won’t slouch i wont slouch i wont slouch i wont slouch i wont slouch i wont slouch i wont slouch i wount slouch

Answer #2

That’s a normal reaction to you being in a slouching position for a long period of time.

It will go away. To prevent this from happening in the future sit up right or switch back and forth frequently.

Answer #3

i’ve been having that to. but its just on my right upper back. i don’t know what caused it but its strange i’ve just been sitting up straight. it may hurt but the hurt is starting to go away….

Answer #4

It is because you are not use to having good posture. Try forcing yourself to walk up straight and stretching properly after long hours in front of the computer will help a lot with your posture.

Then if your posture is really messed up (like mine). Try yoga. It helps a lot.

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