My tampon hurts when i take it out.

Ok so I used a tampon for the first time today. I put it in all the way. At lunch I went to the bathroom and was leaking down the string. Thinking great it will come down reall easy so I went to pull it out and it hurt! I looked and it didn't have any dry spots but it hurt and I had a light one and had it in for four hours. What should I do??

Also when I had the tampon in I couldn't feel it when I was standing, but when I was sitting down it felt sorta unconferable. Is this normal?

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umm yea I use a plastic applicator one those seem to feel a whole lot better ... but I guess since its your first time inserting something like that in there it just hurt because it was your first time! it should get better each time you pull it out

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Bleh I hate my period -.- lol
The same exact thing happens too meee ! Lol
Yah when you first start using tampons, it feels uncomfy when you'll get better..and its leaking because you have a light tampon on you need to get a different type, your flow may be a bit on the heavy side try using regular or the one for the heavy flow (which I dont courage because I also have a heavy flow but those ones are friggin MASSIVE and they hurt -.-) hope I helped [:

Is it normal for tampons to hurt when sitting down?

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If the tampon causes pain or discomfort when you attempt to remove it, then you have either not left the tampon in long enough to collect enough moisture for it to come out easily, the tampon has not been inserted far enough in, or you do not have the right absorbency. But remember! never leave your tampon in for more than 8 hours! Hope this helped.

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it could just be the brand?
true using playtex gentle glide.
im not posotive this is going
to help but I never have that
problem anymore ever since
I've bought this kind.

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it normally hurts when you are takin somethin outta there!!!lol
yes its normal but if it leaks its not aq very good tampon buy a dif one

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when taking it out dont be tense relax

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