combining religions

why couldn’t they just combine every religion somehow that would be great but that would probally never happen. what do you think of the idea?

Answer #1

personally I think all religions should just stop, then everyone wont be seperated by religious boundries.

Answer #2

that would be impossible haha.

Answer #3

I hope & pray that one day all religions will be combined, it is a lovely thought, but you know , the greatest stumbling block to this vampchic, is who governs this one religion, we both know that there are religious bigots out there who’d love the job, but it is a wonderful idea I’d hope to see in my lifetime, it may take some kind of “divine intervention” to make people see sense in the short term, but a long term , I dont think our grandchildren will see it, I certainly hope I’m wrong. Franklyn.

Answer #4

I religions were combined one of our greatest freedoms would be gone. Also it’s impossible to combine religions when some have contradicting beliefs

Answer #5

we are all the people of god/gods, the most sensible method in “finding your religion” would be to learn from all different cultures and beliefs and combine what feels right to you. to just go on with dedicating life to a specific faith seems a cop out, like no matter who your god is. do you think it would want you, as you were placed in this mania, to just focus on one cultures religion? so many people are completely ignorant to other religions. that to me is sad

Answer #6

because im christian and my “religion” says jesus christ is THE ONLY WAY to heaven, and every other religion means nothing when your in hell / by the way hell isnt a place were you burn for ever ist a place were your seperated from the most amazing and loving creature ever, JESUS, I dont want to insult you and im sorry if I did, but if you have any questions just ask

Answer #7

combine every religion? each year the same religion splits into like a 100 different sects (ok slight exaggeration but still), if the same religion keeps splitting, how are you going to get different religions to combine?

Answer #8

Some religions do.

I’m Buddhist, and to some people it seems that Buddhism and Hinduism is very much alike…on top of that, even though Buddhism, itself, is an atheistic religion, there are Christian Buddhists.

Answer #9

Lots of people do a little of this, a little of that. That makes more sense than commiting oneself to a particular religion, and it is popular for people to have a little muslim, a little taoism, etc.

Answer #10

it’s a good idea and there are lots of people going for it, but then you have the other people saying that what they believe is the purest form of belief and that combining the religions would ruin their reilgion.

Answer #11

“Bhudda was a Hindu prince”

How right you are, which is why the two religions are similar, but Buddha was not actually an atheist - he was theist, although none of his teachings mention god or gods because he denied worship to end suffering.


Answer #12

Abraham and Mohammed were brothers… uhm no… unless you mean they apparently share the same lineage…

Answer #13

Wouldn’t it make more sense for religious people just to realize their religions don’t make any sense…and abandon them?

Answer #14

I dont want to insult you and im sorry if I did, but if you have any questions just ask

Why can’t you see the flaws in that ‘ONLY WAY’ plan?

Answer #15

now toadaly, people must have some excuse to hate others… if you took away religion, and racisim is politically incorrect, what would they have left?

Answer #16

actually, I don’t think that having religions is inherantly bad. I don’ t think that any religion teaches it’s followers to hate any other religion.

However, we get so caught up in the specific details that we forget the big picture.

For example, Jesus taught his followers to spread the message of love, and to accept everyone. To love your enemy, and to forgive people of their faults. He never said, “I am God, now go tell everyone else they’re wrong, and kill those who don’t believe!” I don’t think any religion teaches that.

I think instead of combining the religions, or wiping them out entirely, people need to get back to the big picture. God or the gods, or whatever you believe in, does not want you to antagonize the other citizens of this planet.

Answer #17

Some do…

Judaism = Torah

Christianity = Torah + New Testament

Mormanism = Torah + New Testament + Book of Mormon

Answer #18

The Baha’I have an interesting take on the various religions.

They believe that God sent different messengers to mankind with different messages tailored for their time and place. They consider Zoroaster, Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, and Bahaualla to all be messengers of God. They believe that God has progressively revealed himself and is not done and that all religions worship different aspects of the same God. They see distinctions between religions as counterproductive.

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