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I thought this place was pretty interesting so I guess I’ll seek what I need here…as I am unsure as to whether this is appropriate for this website, feel free to inform me if it is not. Thank you.

I am a student of Axia College of University of Phoenix online and I have a final paper due in two weeks for my “Religions of the World (HUM 130)” class.

For my final paper, I am to conduct an interview with two religions discussed in class (see below) and compare them to each other. Not a right or wrong comparison but just a general comparison between beliefs, rituals, history, etc. I am supposed to physically go to religious places of worship but I have very limited mobility at this time and it is not practical for me to travel so far away from home.

I hope to find a few individuals from this site who do follow the religions listed below and who would be willing to partake in this interview/discussion with me via email. Since this is a school project, I ask for only knowledgeable and serious emails only.

If you are interested in helping, please include what religion or faith you are and how long you have been of that religion or faith. I will then send you an email back containing a MO .doc with my interview questions.

Hinduism Buddhism Daoism Confucianism Judaism Christianity Islam

Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you. ~Twitterpated

Answer #1

I have decided to go with Buddhism and Judaism, as from what little I know of each religion, they are very different from each other.

Thank you to everyone who responded to this plea for help. I am very grateful and proud to see that many people rose to the call.

Always, Twitterpated

Answer #2

I’ld love to help, but I’m really just a witch without a religion, lol I can give you some really good sites for Christianity & tell you some great information abuot the religion I actually use to be one, a long time ago, & I still study it My knowledge is on par with biblical scholars & I’ll be willing to help you, from a scientific standpoint so as to keep my personal opinions to a minimal of the religion Funmail me if you’re interested.

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