Who wants to discuss with me about definations of religion?

So yeah, for my religion homework I need to discuss the strengths & weaknesses of some definations about religion… so who wants to discuss them with me? There are 14 of these definations.

Answer #1

Ok.. Here are the defintions:

  1. Religion… Recognition on the part of man (humans) of some higher unseen power as having control of their destiny, and as being entitled to obedience, reverance, and worship; the general mental and moral attuide resulting from this belief, with reference to it’s effect upon the individual or the community; personal or general acceptance or this feeling as a standard of spiritual and pratical life.

  2. Defining religion is bit like trying to define faith. But for our purposes, a religion is a set of personal and social beliefs which have two main characteristics: a deep concearn with the ultimate meaning of human existance; and an indentification with a supernatural power beyond the limits of the human and natuarl world.

  3. Religion is opium of the masses

  4. Religion is a system of beliegs and pratices by means of which group of people struggles with the ultimate problems of life.

  5. religion is the human response to whatever the answer to the mystery of life for a particular person. It is an attempt to express a relationship to that answer. It encompasses both these whose response is found in a God answer and those whose response in a no-God answer, because both responses are based on faith.

  6. Religion is not a thing apart. It cannot be placed in a compartment. It is a part of life and will be found wherever people gather in societies.

  7. religion is whatever the individual takes to be his (or her) ultimate concearn…the point where a (person) has the conviction that there are values in human existance worth living and dying for.

  8. Science and mathematics unravel the problems of the universe; religion responds of the mystery of the universe.

  9. Religion is a port in the storms of life

  10. Since the word religion is misleading…we should replace it by two seperate concepts: 1. Cummulative tradition ie the historical deposit of the past religious life of the community in question: temples, scriptures, theological systems, dance patterns, legal and other social instituation, conventions, moral codes, myths, and so on,


  1. The living reality of human experience called faith.

  2. Religion is a drug…does the same as pot, but it’s cheaper.

  3. Religion is the whole complexus of attuides, convictions, emotions, gestures, rituals, beliefs and instituations by which we come to terms with, and express, our most fundamental relationship with Reality (God and the created order, percieved as coming forth from God’s creative hand).

  4. Religion (is) the immediately visible forms of churches and temples, sacred acts and persons set apart to perform them.

  5. religion is primarily an attempt to explain the unknown. This does not mean that religion is simply a cover for our ignorance. Rather it means that religion comes into its own when we come up against the limits of human experience, the boundaries of our everyday life and thought. It is an attempt to solve the riddles of life and death, to answer the ‘ultimate questions’. Religion is the human attempt to pierce the veil of mystery that some refer to as God.

Answer #2
  1. No, because religion itself is more then just the act of belief, it is the healing of faith where the idea of being protected by some heavenly mother or father is more important then the acts of honourig them. To have a god is what makes an individual. You are a ‘christian’ a ‘muslim’ or a ‘pagan’ It makes up your persona.

  2. Most religious are bloody expensive. I am a bit torn on this one, I am almost inclined to agree, Pot can either make you feel good, relaxed and laid back or throw you into a deep psychosis. I would like to believe that religion involes more then my personal feeling. For me personally it makes me more aware of the goddess who is mother earth and respect her as such. I also believe that within her natural boundries lay hidden all the awsers you would ever need.

  3. Well, how about starting with seperating the two different different meanings of spirituality? That of the religious degree and that of the personal degree.

  4. That’s for sure.

  5. I personally don’t understand why people insist on keeping religion and science seperate. What, one cancels out the other? Nature is my goddess and she proves that we were all born from her. That means that anything that people have found, bones, scrolls etc, are all true. Because the only concisting factor is the earth herself.

I will have more tomorrow ^^

Answer #3

6 + 5 I agree, a religion will be formed whenever there is a group of people in need of anwsers. Religion is the response of rational minds in search of truth. How can I believe this and still believe in a goddess? It’s because she is not heavenly, she is the natural order of things, the instinct. She is there through nature and nature is where the anwsers lie.

  1. This is kind of like the weed question. So the same anwser counts.
Answer #4

Answer #5

Sounds fun! Love a nice discussion!

Answer #6

Yeah go ahead… But we need the definitions =D

Answer #7

Yes. It would help if we knew the definitions but I’m up for it

Answer #8

What are the definitions ?? Xo:)

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