What are ten random acts of kindness I can do w/o getting caught?

I need 15 acts of kindness for a school project and I can’t be caught doing it. I’ve already done 5 so I need 10 more. It needs to be somethings that a 10 year old could do since it’s due in on Monday!!! Please help!!!

Answer #1

Here are four. You should have your parents assist on some, but the person you are helping won’t know who did it.

Clip, tie, or pin a nice card to the front door of an older person, esp. if they live alone. Wish them Happy New Year.

Call up a former teacher and just thank them for helping you through the year - don’t tell them who it is, but you can tell them that you just wanted to let them know. If you can’t get any phone numbers, send a card to the school. You can even send one to the principal - just don’t put your name on the card.

Pick up some trash in a yard and throw it away. If you get caught, just do it again in a different yard. (Make sure you know the people.)

Get something of yours (toy or book that you don’t use or clothes that you have outgrown) and drop them in a charity box. (Get your parents to help on this. They will know but the person that gets the item will not.)

Answer #2

bake some cookies wrap them up,stick a note them saying something.examples-have a great day!; hope you have a great year; happy new year! –stuff like that.dont sign it. then put them on someones doormat or porch or whatever and walk away. DO NOT RING THE DOORBELL!! and you can split up the batch or make multiple batches to give to a lot of people.hope this helped!

Answer #3

You could mop the floors maybe when your parents are not around.

Unloading the laundry.

Folding the laundry.

I’m sorry I can not think of any more but you only have to do three more. I might be able to think of some tomorrow. Sorry:(

Answer #4

What five good things have you done so far?

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