is there any Medicine to increase confidence level ?>

is there any Medicine to increase confidence level ?>

Answer #1

no, sorry but there is no medicine to increase your confidence. there are some side effects like alcohol like leafid said. good laugh also works but doesnt last as long.

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Answer #3

what is your lack of confidence due to? self esteem ? shyness, or anxiety? if it is self esteem then there is no medication for need to work on that yourself or you could see a therapist to help you, shyness is also something you would have to overcome by yourself but anxiety you could take a medication would have to ask your primary care dr for a low dose of an anti anxiety medication and see if that helps you.

Answer #4

Like nl83 said anti anxiety medications may be able to help you. But it really depends on where it is stemming from, and for that you’d need to see a psychiatrist… (so they’re could prescribe the right medications). As for anti depressants being dangerous… yes, if you mix them with Oxycontin, Vicodin, Valium, Xanax, sleeping pills Restoril and Unisom then you’re going to have trouble… although really if you mix those without the antidepressants you’re asking for trouble too…

Answer #5

uhh mabey anti depressants…but dont go for that see a therapist first because that stuff can be dangerous (heath ledger)

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