Is there a limit?

Is there any limit to how often you can masterbate in a day and is it safe as I really enjoy doing it lots and love it but don’t want to over do it if it not safe and is there anyways I can make myself get to orgasm faster as takes a long time sometimes and I want bigger orgasms as they not that good from time to time but sometimes they are. Want good ones all the time.

I’m 13 and want really like advice on this.

Answer here or send fun mail to me

Answer #1

Um hang on a min you put that message as if I’m male wesley lol.

Look again at my picture and I think you will find I’m female and don’t have a dick.

Answer #2

u can do it as much as you want mate I do it when I get really bord bro and when my girlfriend not around

if your penis get sore and starts hurting from ejaculating then stop and leave it for 1 or 2 days or it will kill trust me lol

but yer its healthy :)

Answer #3

such as what?

Answer #4

I masterbate but not as much as you lol. but it’s ok and after reading this I think im going to go masterbate now : ) hahaha

Answer #5

uhhh, use some household stuff, im 13 too =)

Answer #6

Masterbation is completely healthy and normal, and there is no limit to how much you should do it.

Answer #7

lol good luck

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