Is takeing 3 tylenals at once bad?

Because my friend did that.. What is gonna happen to her? She goes to another school, so I don’t know if she is ok

What happens when you take 3 tylernas in one hour

Answer #1

she might feel nauseous and headache but she won’t die. If over time she did this it can cause damage to her liver so I would tell her to stop.

Answer #2

It’s not good for her liver, but it won’t hurt her…she hasn’t overdosed or anything. She must be in pain though. As long as she doesn’t make it a habit, then she shouldn’t have any future problems.

Answer #3

First off, how old is she?

If you are under 13, you really need to tell your mother. If you weigh under 100 pounds, you really need to tell your mother.

OVERDOSE of Tylenol (acetaminophen) will put you in irreversible liver failure. It doesn’t take that much for a child to overdose on Tylenol.

If you are older and weight over 100 pounds, you most likely will be alright. However, you should still tell your mother!

If the pain relievers were not actually “Tylenol” aka…acetaminophen, but were Ibuprofen “Advil”, then you would not have the worry of the liver damage.

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