Is soccer a fun sport?

Ok…well I really want to play soccer I have played basketball for 6 years and have started for almost all 6 of them and I also play softball and I am pretty good at…well my coach told me that I would probably be pretty good at it because im fast and love playin sports well I know nothin about it but it seems pretty fun…any advice??

Answer #1

Football(soccer) is the best sport in the world it is much much harder den people think and you wont be good at playin it when ya start out so ya need to practice loads but da best thing bout that is ya can practice anywhere as long as ya have a ball and it is very fun and enjoyable but stick at it

Answer #2

I play on my high school soccer team and I love it its so much fun.. and its really kool because soccer is the only sport that is played all over the world

Answer #3

Well soccer IS a fun sport=) If you join soccer…they’ll tell you how to play it so don’t worry bout that=) So Join it=) Besides it’s cool to play more than one sport and have like so many trophies! (___/) (=’. ‘=) ~MiMi~

Answer #4

Soccer is definitely a fun sport. :)

Answer #5

soccer is so fun go for it no matter what

Answer #6

Soccer is an AWESOME sport… its my favorite sport.. I’ve played tons of sports but soccer is my favorite one… its a lot of fun… and its easy to learn…

Answer #7

yeah I play soccer. it really is. its harder than people think too and its a lot different than basketball in some respects. but if you are athletic and fast then go for it! dont be distressed if you dont pick it up too quickly, practice makes perfect!

Answer #8

Soccer is sooo much fun!!! You should really play.

Peace : )

Answer #9

soccer iz sooo stupid gay people play it

Answer #10

oh yeh I love it it is great it is amazing I play 5 days a week. Any Q just ask me.

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