What sport do you like the most?

In order what sport do you like the most to least: football, soccer, wrestling, baseball, and basketball?

Mine are

  1. baseball
  2. football
  3. wrestling
  4. basketball
  5. soccer
Answer #1

VOLLEYBALL is what its all about!

Answer #2


Answer #3


Answer #4

good tae kwon do and basketball

worst tennis and soft ball

Answer #5


Answer #6


Answer #7

SOFTBALL - AUGUILAS Rock my team has won 5 games at least

Answer #8

Undoubtedly, Soccer is very popular game and I really love to play this sport. Soccer is absolutely exciting game and that’s the big reason I play this sport lot.

Answer #9

I played the all sports but I mostly like the football sport and It is very excited sport that is way I play with my friends. I think lots of people are crazy about this sport, specially in Europe.

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