Learning and Playing sports at seventeen?

I’m seventeen years of age and I want to learn sports such as soccer, basketball, field hockey, swimming and tennis (not all at once of course). I’ve been trying to look for different places that teach them and have like a mini league so I can play for fun. Not for joining to big leagues but something that I can carry though to college or just do as an extra hobby. Does anyone know of any place in Philadelphia (or somewhere close or around it) that has has different programs for seventeen year olds (or adults even!) that want to learn sports. I really want to learn and participate in at least ONE sport before I go to college. Thank you kindly.

Answer #1

Oh and if anyone knows of a gym that I could probably join, that is good too!

Thanks again in advance!

Answer #2

check your local listings I bet its not that hard to find something

Answer #3

Boys and Girls Club..or school? just do something like tennis. No one takes that sport to seriously so you can mess around all you want!

Answer #4

first you have to see what you are best at. than you can see what you like most.learning sports isn’t that hard. you learn the basics,then you put your own skills in it. its just like learning how to play a video game. if you give it practice you will do perfect!

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