What's your favorite sport and why?

I love sports because they are in general just plain fun. My favorite sports are volleyball and Rugby just cause I grew up playing them what are your favorites and why?

Answer #1

I LOVE volleyball, track, and basketball. I love volleyball because I love to serve, and set.. and my coach is the best! I love track because im following in my brothers footsteps and I just love to run in general, and I love basketball just because I love it. :) but I really love all sports.. im a very athletic person and VERY competitive! :)

Answer #2

soccer no doubt bout it soccer I been playing soccer sence I was 5 years old and now im 13 [9 years] thats a while the reason why I like it is because im homeschooled and I dont get much talking!!! and it helps me talking to other people and it is very funn!!! :) !=

Answer #3

I Like Volleyball,Soccer,And Basketball, Because I Am Good At Them, And They Are Really Fun.

Answer #4

hockey!! because im good at it

Answer #5

I like football because my favorite team is the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!

Answer #6

I love Netball (its a sport they play back in the Caribbeans) its kinda the opposite of basketball lol! But thats my favorite sports to watch and play.

Answer #7

Football/Hockey cause their full contact sports where your able to take it out on the other team/player as long as you dont get a penalty for your actions.

Answer #8

Football… Just because I love it..

Answer #9

hockey, hockey and hockey! I luv it because of trying to steal da puck!

Answer #10

I like dodgeball.

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