Is Satan a metaphor for Gods darker side?

basicly im wondering, is satan a metephor.. alter ego of god… nothing or no1 is perfect not even a christian god I beleive, so is satan a meterphor for gods sinister side??? what do you think about this statement, and this statement is open to chrisitan and atheist veiws, im not a christian but I’ve read the bible and msot of the thigns that happen with satan jsut remind me of an alter ego of god or another side of god… just wondering

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Could it be that I’m not & that you just din’t want to admit that the bible has a mistake in it? Or you don’t want to admit that witches didn’t worship the devil? OR perhaps you just don’t want to admit you’re wrong?

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-13th youre quite cute. And, yeah I passed. With a 92%…im so joyed. Bummer we havnt covered much of mythology yet…ill letcha know when we do.

-Yes I read your comment. And…im still thinking youre WRONG. sorry. again.

-Good Day!

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Thank you “informer_220.” I agree.

You obviously didn’t read any further… Lucifer IS the name of a Roman God, put in the Bible BY MISTAKE during translation.

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I mentioned the biblical reference only to point out that it was just another error… A story of a Babylonian king that was misinterpreted and distorted into the whole ‘Satan’ thing…

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^^ all the above is pure speculation, it didnt come from the bible or any sourse I’ve ever read (and I’ve read about a lot about satan (as a whole), god, angels devils etc.) and never have I heard the name SATIN come up anywhere, if your going to inject your own opinions state that it is your and not a written fact.

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I think she means satan

ahh I didnt know that about lucifeir then how come laods of christians call satan lucifier??? who came up with that :S!

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haha =)

my theory is prooving well

but I geuinly do beleive God and Satan are of the same being. maybe god has a split personality?and his darkr side maybe he tried to rid of (when he sent lucifer away) but the darker side kept comming back thats why lucifer keeps appearing and god wudnt fully destroy him

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^^^Finally someone who brings that up 1_~

Most believers view him as a separate being form God

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Personally I’ve never thought about it but I guess it is kind of like the good twin and the bad twin. I don’t believe there is a Satan but from the upbringing my parents imposed on me then yeah I guess it would be like that.

Answer #10

by my belief yes SATAN is a part of “GOD” and ty I can say you are correct, satan is a part of humanity they dont acknowledge and again I go to the good and evil theory, if lucifer and the 2 other angels went against god the all knowing being, then how come he didnt know it would happen and let lucifer be an angel of the highest rank in his kingdom? and then send him to hell to be the highest ranking demon, so if god knew all of this doesnt it mean it was his plan to create satan the evil entity? satan is a part of god just like evil is a part of good and vice versa then I could safely say god is evil and vice versa

Answer #11

you know the God squad is not going to be happy about this?

I personally think it’s a fascinating way to look at it… Not a seperate entity but simply a darker side, hmm… If religion then was simply created by humans is that then simply a name for a side of humanity they dont want to acknowledge as being part of them? (or am I getting carried away with your theory?)

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I was talking bout the original Lucifer -_-

Though I heard it meant Light barrier this is pretty interesting.

Answer #13

Wow my mind is all over the place today

Answer #14

-_- obane baka

read libbies comment, I was mostly replieing to that smart @$$

Answer #15

*seperate physical being

Answer #16

God is a psycho? Well now, that explains EVERYTHING.


Answer #17

laughs God Sqaud

bring it on

Answer #18

No… Satan is most definitely NOT a metaphor for God’s “darker side” God doesn’t have a dark side…

Satan was one of God’s angels. He got kicked out of heaven and bound to hell.

Answer #19

Wow, where to begin correcting most of you. To start, satan is not a metaphor for God’s darker side. The term satan isn’t even a name, it is a title. It means adversary. It applies to any and all fallen angels. Lucifer is the most popular fallen angel, though he does not deserve to be discused. To put it simply, Lucifer (if he can even be called that anymore) was once one of three chief princes of heaven. He was supposed to represent the son, hints the name meaning mornig star or light barer. The fact that there is a roman god named after him only proves that he is trying to tempt people to worship him, his original idea. Also, he is not as smart as people make him out to be, he did after all challenge an all powerful being. The term devil and demon should not be applied to the fallen as they were not the original terms used to disscus them in the incomleat Bible. Yes I believe it is missing some parts and would happily adress this issue later! The term demon is greek, it means life force. Somewhere some moron misstranslated (not a surprise) the bible and placed the fallen as demons. They are alive true, but so is anybody who is reading this. To answer the orignal question, (since you all have strayed so far off topic that it isn’t even funny) satan is not God’s dark side. Satan only means adversary, nothing more so don’t hype it up. The yin and yang idea of a god comes from the Zoraster religion. This “god” is torn as a good and evil god, not very divine if you ask me. I can disscus this later on another blog if you like. To finish this out, in the origianl question the author said that no god could be perfectly good. However, because what ever God says is just becomes just, God can do no wrong. He is indeed perfect. I won’t waste my time explaining that until you all go and do some unbaised research and actually understand what it is you are talking about. I have studdied this for years and I was hopeing for an intellectueal debate, I am very dissapointed.

Answer #20

In my opinion Satan is a corruption of Saturn and Jehovah a corruption of Jovian or Jupiter. Jupiter usurps the mantle worn by Saturn to become the chief elohim. As far as elohim go… these two vie as humanities main antagonist. Saturn being the most nefarious… Jupiter being the stronger of the two.

In the new testament… the lord god becomes El Elyon [generic placeholder… Jehovah was called El Elyon by some inferences in the old testament]… embodied by the melchizedek or logos… Jesus. A version of the Sun god… the new testament El Elyon is unquestionably the most powerful of deities… and considered the transitional deity… a wellspring of divinity… all that is good… outside the confines of rationale… personified by light itself. Jesus and his counterpart… Sophia… the incorruptible way and the incorruptible wisdom of the spirit.

Lucifer is in the middling range… capable of beneficial and malignant tendencies. The peacock angel was rebellious… He gave the fire of knowledge to mankind… against the will of Jupiter. The point that he is viewed as androgynous… being an iteration of Venus… implies that he is an aeon… and as divine as Jupiter or Saturn.

Answer #21

No his name was not Lucifer, Lucifer is an ancient Roman God. When Diana(Goddess of the hunt) divided her self into two separate beings Lucifer became her lighter half, his very name meaning light barer. He was so beautiful & so vain about his beauty that he was cast out of Olympus & forced to live life as a mortal on earth(still beautiful & still vain).

Satin was just an angel, a rebellious & prideful angel. When God made Adam, he claimed men to be he greatest creation & demanded that all shall bow down to him. Satin, not seeing on how man could possibly be God's greatest creation, refused to bow down. Satin & a rebel band of angels flew down from heaven & unto earth, becoming distorted & monstrous.
When the bible was made the Christians & such sought to demonize the Pagans so vexed & distorted the story to fit theirs. 

& as for the Good & Evil theory, both coincide within God & Satin. Satin, though a "fallen Angel"(like I stated, he just flew out) is just a servant to god, testing us, he cannot so anything to men without God's consent. & it takes a pretty malicious heart to cast people that you "love" into eternal touchier. God & Satin are both relatively equal when it comes to evil & not. After all, God made everything, which means he had to of made evil too.
Answer #22

Well, from what I was taught and believe, Lucifer was second in command, next to God himself, and he was the most beautiful creature ever created, but he thought that he could do a better job of being God than God was doing and he became prideful tried to overthrow the throne. But God wasn’t going to allow the sin of pride contaminate his perfect kingdom so God cast him out of heaven and made him have to suffer in Hell for eternity. When he was cast from Heaven, he didn’t deserve the title of “Bringer of light” so his name was changed to what he is now called, Satan, which means “To be hostile” or “to accuse”. Also, when Satan fell from Heaven, one-third of the angels followed him and believed he was a better God. So now, Satan and all his demons infest Earth and try to tempt humans into following them and turning away from God so that they will have a bigger army for the war that is being fought between the angels and demons. Also, since Satan and his demons think he would be a better God, naturally, he’s going to try and prove God that he is right by getting as many people as he can to follow him and do his best to persuade people against following the true God who put Satan to shame when God cast him from heaven.

Take it or leave it, that is what I believe. I don’t know if it will help the argument either way, but from what I was reading, it seemed like some people didn’t know everything that Christians believe, so I just wanted to se if I could try and clear somethings up.

Answer #23

witches dont worship the devil :O

most witches dont even beleive in the devil lol brainwashed dumbass who the f*ck said that?

well I think jesus was a sorcerer suck on that

Answer #24

Hmmm. (The 13th will figure it out sooner or later that…those “facts” are not facts at all.)Thank you “informer_220.” I agree. And…NO. God doesnt have a darker side. Sorry.

Answer #25

God doesn’t have a ‘dark side’, only light - Satan has only a ‘dark side’ and will be cast into the ‘Lake of Fire’ along with those whose names are not found in the ‘Book of Life’ on judgement day, according to the book of Revelation.

Answer #26

looked to me as if you were talking about the biblical.

No not bringer, barrier is what I heard, but hey, basically the same thing, as you stated.

Answer #27

This has turned out to be a good debate bout time lol… Has anyone actually read the bible it doesn’t make any sense at the nest of times..

Answer #28

The name Lucifer (lucem ferre) is LATIN, which means ‘’morning star’’ (the same star we now know by another Roman name… Venus)

The name Lucifer IS mentioned in the KJV Bible:

“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!’’ [Isaiah 14:12]

Then, later in the bible, Jesus refers to HIMSELF as the morning star:

“I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” [Revelation 22:16]

Funny how St. Jerome managed to translate it correctly the SECOND time. But his crew didn’t bother to retrace their steps. Yet another error, yet another reason why the KJV is NOT a reliable version.

Answer #29

hello wise crack LUCIFER IS NOT ROMAN and christians say worship ONE god not a bunch so legally you are W.R.O.N.G we arent talking about romans we aint talking about greeks, we are talking about christian belief and if in any way roman gods and christ came up in your search then you probably didnt search well enough, as for the spelling mistake you wrote satin 5 times, that is way too many for a mistake…LOL nice try though as for the bible, I dont think youd be able to tell me something about it that I dont already know, and its not the trouble its been translated so many times, the problem was whoever wrote it was on LSD or was a conspirator…the bible is written by man so it shall contain mans error

Answer #30

hahaha, you’re funny ipod_nanno, you mustn’t of passed your ninth grade English class aye? Or least the part of mythology. & have you not read the bible? The diea of an all loving God is new. He’s a GOD OF WAR, it states so in the bible. I guess not only have you not read the bible, you haven’t read or comprehended my comment.

miscegenation @,@ whoa wait a sec… re-reads Oh I get it now…but how did Lucifer & Satan become intermingled?

Ah I see now captianassasin & in respounse to your last post THANKYOU!!! That’s only something in which I’ve been trying to convey to these idoits for the last 2 days(though I admit I didn’t do a good job of it, was on a sugar high all week, lol)

Answer #31

I find it interesting that christians justify things by saying that Satan is the evil one, god does no evil, etc, when god is the one sentencing people to eternities of torture in hell. Kind of reminds me of the US’s arrangement with certain countries to do their torture for them so they can keep their hands clean, actually.

Answer #32

Well, since Satan is the creation of Christianity, it seems fair to me that Christians get to define him. Christians tend to define Satan as a separate being - a “fallen” angel who is unimaginably smart, yet so stupid he didn’t realize his power was less than god - something even we puny mortals could see.

It’s laughable really, but that’s what they claim to believe.

Answer #33

I was talking bout the original Lucifer -_-

Well… so was I…

Lucifer (Roman) – ‘Bearer of Light’ and God of the Evening Star and Morning Star. The Greek version was the gleaming God PHOSPHEROS.

Though I heard it meant Light barrier

…light BRINGER… or bringer of light… morning star… Venus, the star (well, looks like a star) that appears brightly before the sunrise. Yeah, its all the same thing.

Answer #34

I meant Satan, big woop I made a spelling error. No you wont find the story of Lucifer in the bible, he’s a ROMAN GOD genius! Do some research, you’ll find what I’ve stated is FACT As for the bible, you don’t want to get me started on that. It’s been translated from language to language, & holds many flaws & errors now.

I don't know how they were able to entangle Lucifer & Satan, but they did it to further demonize the occult from what I've researched. I'm assuming since both were cast out from the heavens is how they were able to.
Answer #35

The Satan of the Bible changes drastically from the Old Testament to the New. Satan in the OT was an agent of God. His job was to tempt/trick humans into doing evil, in order to bring about God’s higher plan. If you read references to Satan in the OT, you can see he’s clearly doing God’s bidding when he acts as an adversary to humans. It was not until later, by the time Christianity had started spreading, that Satan was seen as a fallen angel who was God’s enemy.

Anyway, Satan is a fictional character.

Answer #36

Well then elaborate on your convictions of why you think so. Tell me, how am I wrong?

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