Is my friend skinny?

My friend is 14 years old and 4’ll and she is about 99 pounds is that skinny or normal???

Answer #1

Well, she is quite skinny. It might be heretitary so ask her. If she is getting skinnier and skinnier she might have an eating disorder. Go up to her and ask about that too. But if nothing is wrong and she is eating fine and everything than she is fine. She is just that weight =]

Answer #2

Actually that’s fine. She’s short and so it’s fine.

At that height I was actually like 80 lbs.

Answer #3

4’11? Maybe 99 pounds is ok. Is that skinny or normal? What do you think? Does she look skinny?

Answer #4

no my friend is 5’ and 95 so she is normal

Answer #5

I think she’s fine :] im 5 foot& 93lbs. she’s normal! :]

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