Is it wrong to drink pepsi if you're 13 or under?

I’m 13, and for all my life mom didn’t let me drink pepsi, and I’m shy to drink with my family around cause they’re used to me not drinking pepsi at all! So sometimes I sneek in to the kitchen at night and drink some pepsi, I don’t know why but sometimes I feel like drinking it! So when I feel like it I become a thief!!! Lol!! When I go to my friend’s house or something they only have pepsi so I drink it sometimes (mom doesn’t know) is it that bad for me and the younger ones??

Answer #1

lol no you should listen to your mom but I’ve been drinking pop ever since I was like 4 and im perfectly healthy and a good weight and now I just got bored of it and drink water 24/7

Answer #2

At my house we only have fizzy drinks on special occaisions or parties and sometimes when we have takeaway and when we go to the movies and my sister and I are perfectly healthy, so as long as you see it as a treat and not as something you ( or anyone ) should have everyday, then it’s fine.

Answer #3

pop is okay to drink every once in a while, but I’d go for the juices, just because they are more refreshing for your body, as well as healthy!! *Fact: coke and pepsi are the two sodas that most people use to clean their toilets!! ahaha… my gym teacher cleans her toilet bowl with pepsi!! I think it’s due to all the carbon that is in the drink, like jacobs1 has said, it eats holes in your teeth!!

Answer #4

is diet coke bad ?? I have 4-6 cans a day :S I think im addicted…?

Answer #5

“Stunts your growth”

That’s bull sh*t lol

Answer #6

I don’t think caffienated drinks are good for children, however, it won’t kill you. drink it with moderation… you’ll be fine.

Answer #7

I drink pop all the time I have since a was real little. It won’t hurt you

Answer #8

pepsi???? It iz just soda! I don’t think it iz good 2 drink it everyday or often!!!!! If u drink it 4 special occasions or at a resturaut i deffinitly don’t think tht iz bad.

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